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Toby's kids are already complaining about gifts they got for Christmas. Matt and Joey share about some spiritual experiences they have had. In the process, Toby is reminded of his vision of an angel with a battle axe! And in the news, RC Sproul Jr. (yes JUNIOR) gets a DUI and resigns. Also, 2016 is so terrible that it's killed Prince, Bowie, George Michael and Carrie Fisher, and even a stewardess who survived a 30,000-foot plane crash in the 70's. Happy New Year, everybody!
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We dig in with Katie and Candice from the Free Sex Podcast about sex and marriage and it gets heated! How much sex is enough? What should men be doing? What should women be doing? Do statistics matter or are they harmful?
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Join us live from the Bad Christian Christmas Party as Matt, Toby and Joey look back on the beginnings of everything. Also, a quick news story from Toby about creepy ass glitches in The Matrix.
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Matt, Toby and Joey are all in studio at Bad Christian World Headquarters in Seattle, Washington for the Bad Christmas virtual Christmas party. Tales will be told, songs will be sung. Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!
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This week in The Damn News...a kidney stone apocalypse, fake Facebook account almost lands guy in jail and we also discover that literally anybody can be president...or can they! Also, a whole lot of names for cocks!
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Joey’s book, Fundamentalist:  Stories of a Mentally Ill, Obsessive Compulsive, Legalistic Youth Group Kid Turned Pastor, came out today so we bring Jake Luhrs (August Burns Red) founder of Heart Support, to discuss mental illness, transparency, forgiveness and Jesus.

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Is this all just a computer simulation? Are we all just in God’s mind? Is all reality just something Toby created? Is Movember just a pissing contest between bros? Also, we talk about a Thanksgiving feast that kills. So many questions. Lucky for you we will answer them with The Truth™!
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We’re joined by Comeback Kid guitarist Jeremy Hiebert. We get into Jeremy’s mennonite upbringing, how he discovered heavy music, Figure Four and the roots of Comeback Kid, and where he is at with his faith today. Also on the program, we talk about cynicism versus skepticism.
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Matt, Toby and Joey’s alma mater Winthrop University makes the Damn News.  Students there protested the name of Winthrop’s main building Tillman, as it was named after a racist that supported lynch mobs. Is this type of “erasing history” disadvantageous?  Does it encourage people to forget the real atrocities that happened to minorities in America?  Mistreatment and humiliation of a nursing mother or not?  Catch your spouse cheating? Film the cheating and post online. This guy did. The Damn News folks!
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Vocal Few (Kristie and Matt MacDonald) play a song from their new Christmas EP.  Kristie fields some questions about riding on the coat tails of her husbands success, being a stay at home mom and living month to month not really knowing how much the paycheck is going to be.  And it’s working!  The fellas talk about their Thanksgiving plans and Toby’s daughter is already a schemer, concocting a plan to get people’s pity and money

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