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As Cities Burn and Jonezetta's artist manager Ryan Rado gets real about Tourette's. It may have been awkward for him to uncontrollably shout "God Damn!" to an audience at a Christian music festival; and flipping people off uncontrollably does indeed put some one in a certain box, but Ryan, who still struggles with this disorder, has come out on top. Hear about his relationship with Jesus, his assessment on logic and self-analysis being equally important as compassion and empathy, and his newly found passion for painting.


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God’s omniscience and omnipotence are such common doctrines, we forget there are sincere Christians who don't believe in either. Open theology teaches that true human freewill and God’s foreknowledge of the future is incompatible. Thomas Oord, leading theologian in this doctrine, explains the peace he has knowing that evil exists because God can’t stop it.  We also listen to and dissect Joel Osteen's response to the whole "our doors were closed until you asked us to open them" fiasco.  


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Do Christians have “senseless faith,” holding on to beliefs that are not only insignificant but also illogical?  Churches position themselves not for Christians but only for a certain type of Christian.  This is tragic when true believing skeptics can’t have a community to fellowship with.  Toby brings some sad news on Chuck E. Cheese and Joey admits to paying $600 for a pet cat.


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We talk to Chris Heuertz, best-selling author of "The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth" partially just to find out if this enneagram stuff is legit or not. We discuss whether it was created by humans as a tool for understanding, or is innate to a deeper spiritual truth of how we're created. Matt shares some BC Music news, and Joey witnesses the potential animalistic tendencies of humans when he waited in line for sandbags in preparing for the approaching hurricane. 


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Joel Osteen, wealthy pastor in Houston, drags his feet on serving others, but is there more to the story? Should he be given the benefit of the doubt?  Speaking of pastors and churches, it’s uncanny, the tax benefits received by their likes. Should Pastor Joey feel a bit guilty?  Lastly, Nate Henry and Sherwood are going on tour and Nate finds common ground with Joey’s gravitation towards conspiracies including moon landing, 911, JFK assassination, and Big Foot.


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It's called the Nashville Statement.  It's when church leaders’ desire to make a public stance on human sexuality comes to a head and many pastors sign a statement to make sure every one knows exactly where they stand on others' sexuality.  But many are asking, why the focus on gay people?  Why the need to draw a line?  All this makes us wonder what Jesus would do in today's church culture, and why these folks didn't repent on behalf of the church’s mistreatment of the LGBTQ community.


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Ray Harkins, host of 100 Words or Less podcast, talks about being straightedge with Matt, Toby, and Joey, and its parallel with Christianity having in-group out-group dynamics. What does Toby’s parody worship song teach us about the church and Christianity? Lastly, it’s Matt's 38th birthday and A-I will write pop songs in roughly 14 years.


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Mark Salomon from Stavesacre is someone who has paved the way for bands like Emery, Underoath, and Norma Jean. They have a new album coming out, so he joined us today and we talk about the album and working for NASCAR. A few episodes back, Toby was tasked with writing a hit worship song, and the task is officially completed with today's release of the fully produced single "Forever Rain" that's steadily climbing the charts on iTunes!
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Fallen pastors seem to want to reclaim the stage as quickly as possible. Could it be that being a Mega Church Pastor is the primary catalyst for pastors’ “moral failures?”  What is it that motivates pastors like Perry Noble to start a new church?  Is it an addiction?  It’s also back to school time so all the Christian kids are back on the mission field to keep classmates out of hell, and lastly, we had a guest whose husband went 7 years without masturbating and some of our listeners were utterly pissed.


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Influential blogger and writer, Jory Micah was fired from her college teaching job for as a result of her controversial feminist views.  She is angered by the church’s discrimination against female leadership and how that prevents many from being who God has made them to be.  She also doesn’t believe in a marital submission that is unique to wives.  Potentially even more interesting is her celebration of gender uniqueness.  Men and women both have strengths and weaknesses that are typically common for their gender.  This feminist may just piss off the feminists.  Matt introduces an invention that could save the lives of many kids,  and Toby brings a news story that supports Matt’s assessment of McDonalds.


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