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Can you be a progressive female, and also hold fast to complementarian views of headship and submission in the church and home? BC Club member Martha Davenport explores biblical complementarianism that is closer to egalitarianism than what the evangelical church might have you believe. Also, Toby’s having coyote problems that may put his kids on house arrest.

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Author of the article, “5 Signs Your Church Might Be Heading Toward Progressive Christianity” joins the show for a head-to-head discussion on why progressive christian thought is a danger to our children. Can Christians agree to disagree on matters of sexuality?  Is there less "black and white" in the bible than what we were brought up to believe?  Are there essentials of the Christian faith that are merely tradition and need to go?  Or is Alisa's article spot on and we're all in trouble?


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Traveling around and talking to podcast listeners, we’ve found that The BadChristian Podcast is listened to by pastors, volunteers, and attendees of mainstream churches.  Most of them just don’t admit to it.  Aaron Lunsford tells his story of starting a BBQ business, having his new rig break down, and seeing his actual business go up in literal flames. All in one day. Lastly, BC Club boy proposes to BC Club girl on the show.


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Matt and Toby wrote an album about this and Joey, who may be going a bit overboard, thinks it’s lyrically revolutionary and has great implications for the church.  Also, after performing at AudioFeed festival, Matt, Toby and Joey discuss the unfairness of strangers introducing themselves, only afterwards depending on them completely to carry the conversation from there.  Lastly can humor be found in any situation? Toby tells a tragic story in the Damn News that may be hard not to laugh at.


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The guys are agitated by an article entitled, “Progressive Christianity is as much of a threat to your kids faith as atheism”  the article echoes a popular evangelical sentiment that claims their specific way of reading and interpreting the bible is the only one that is even reasonable.  Matt, Toby and Joey explore the notion that just a few years ago they would have felt the same way and wrote off people like Rob Bell.

It can be scary to loosen your grip on what you thought you knew, but as you mature in faith you SHOULD be able to recognize more things as gray as you move from the black and white stage.

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Co-host of the Phil Vischer (VeggieTales creator) Podcast and author of multiple books including newest, “What's Wrong With Religion: 9 Things No One Told You About Faith,”  Skye Jethani talks the ABC’s of mega-church culture (attendance, buildings, and cash), and how “being relevant” isn’t bidding well for this brand of Christianity.  He also recounts some fun stories including blasting a bunch of pastors at a conference he was asked to speak. In BadChristian world, Toby is overly concerned and inquisitive about ticks and Joey shares anxiety that he experiences during BadChristian interviews. 


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Given the numerous times mega-church Elevation (Charlotte, NC) has made headlines in recent years, this church and its gifted celebrity pastor, Steven Furtick, has often been a topic of conversation on this podcast.  On this episode, we brought on a former super-volunteer and intern from the church and discussed some of the oddities behind the scenes there.  Matt is also worried about the current state of our country and world, Toby made a video to his future hit worship song (Hillsong, beware), and a Packer fan takes his wife’s last name because her last name is “Packer.”


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Luke Welchel, co-founder of AudioFeed Festival joins to discuss the mixed lineup. As he says, “If we want non-Christians to come to the festival, why wouldn’t we let them play it?” Joey’s senile grandma is stealing from other nursing home residents, and Toby wants to rename female genitalia.  

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Jordan Harbinger, host of The Art of Charm podcast, which has 3 million monthly listeners, joins to discuss the alt-right and how we should think about and treat internet trolls like toddlers. Matt, Toby, and Joey praise the Southern Baptist Convention for officially condemning the alt-right movement. Plus, Joey has an embarrassing parenting moment, and Toby brings some new truth to an old story.

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Sex is either treated as overly-sacred or overly-vile.  This influences how parents manage nudity in their household amongst family members and how “private parts” are treated and discussed.  Would society benefit from everyone just chilling out a bit?  If nudity wasn’t so taboo, would people’s sexuality benefit? In other topics, is it weird that God would just beat the hell out of someone for not listening to Him and Muslim salvation tracks vs. Christian salvation tracks.  Don’t forget the Damn News!  Is it fair for a transgender male athlete to label himself female and compete in females athletic events?  

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