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Aaron Lunsford sits down with Matt and Toby in the back of the tour bus to talk about his new book , his first marriage, and the panic attack that made him walk off stage last week mid show and try to leave the tour.



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Matt and Toby visit Pete Holmes in LA and discuss porn, his divorce, and being so depressed he couldn't even keep a boner. Also, God as a metaphor and the discoveries that eventually led him to abandon Christianity altogether.




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Joey and his brother Jared host Toby and Chip Judd for a discussion on Calvinism.


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Michael comes back to hang out and talk about the Liturgist Podcast and his new album, One Wild Life. 


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Shane Claiborne comes back for this episode to hang out with Matt and Toby while Joey’s away at a pastor’s retreat. They talk about stuff like the death penalty, church membership, the future of communication and the war on drugs.


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JMM joins the guys to talk about he and his wife's new EP, "You Are The Avalanche." However, it trails off into conversations about worship music, Bruce Springsteen, and that super trendy Ryan Adams guy.
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On this episode, the guys discuss their views on planned parenthood including abortion, the use of contraceptives, and if as Christians we are still obligated to show love to abortion advocates.


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Shaunti and Craig have written a book called Through a Man's Eyes.  Shaunti has a unique ability to communicate to women what men see, as in how difficult it is for them not to visualize sex with every woman they see.  Yes, perhaps that is an over generalization, but you get the point.  


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On this episode, the guys talk about whether or not the church should be run like a business and bring up a few alternative frameworks, such as required tithing and budget transparency.  Plus they revisit a pretty intense fight from back in December that never made it to the air, until now.  


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If your penis causes you to sin, should you cut it off?  Transgender Christian, Diamond Dee Bell, joins the guys for an interview about finding God in the midst of sex, porn, drugs, and ultimately a sex change. 


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