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In this episode, learn why Matt has to hire a financial consultant, hear Toby’s honest opinion about Mark Driscoll, and find out how Joey gets stuck in the St. Louis arch? 





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For the first time, our guests talk more about sex than Matt, Toby, and Joey combined. Meet Katie and Candice of Free Sex podcast. Plus, Joey tells all about his “almost” second seizure and Toby completely forgets about reality. 
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Why are millennials leaving the church? Pastor Geoff Surratt has a bad-ass perspective you don’t want to miss.


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Joey starts this episode happy, but depression sets in quick. Mike tells him to get a psychiatrist and Matt and Toby plan a get-rich-quick scheme around his death. Plus, find out why Matt says you have to be sleazy to work in the music industry.


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This episode is... awkward.


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Welcome to the Salvation Station. We will not stop this podcast until everyone is saved—in America at least. Jokes aside—in this podcast, Joey drops a bomb regarding Mark Driscoll and Rob Bell, Stephen Cobbuci shares a horror story about sharing the Gospel on tour, and Matt & Toby reflect on the fact that in 1999, they dreamed about starting a record label called Shure Shot Records.
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We’re live in Jacksonville where Joey admits to kicking the event hosts’ dog.
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Stephen Christian "formerly" of Anberlin joins us for an interview!  He talks about what it's like to be on the other side of Anberlin, his new job, and more on a topic that really connected with all of you last time he was on the show: premarital sex.
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Underoath premiered their brand new documentary "Tired Violence" last week in Tampa, and they were nice enough to invite us along for the ride. The guys have a very candid conversation about the end of Underoath, the new documentary, and how Spencer hates all of their children. 


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I think the title says it all, folks.  Join us for a conversation about atheism, apologetics, the brilliance that is "Drunk Ex-Pastors," and some conversations that Toby recently had with some very famous preachers. 


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