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Shaunti and Craig have written a book called Through a Man's Eyes.  Shaunti has a unique ability to communicate to women what men see, as in how difficult it is for them not to visualize sex with every woman they see.  Yes, perhaps that is an over generalization, but you get the point.  


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On this episode, the guys talk about whether or not the church should be run like a business and bring up a few alternative frameworks, such as required tithing and budget transparency.  Plus they revisit a pretty intense fight from back in December that never made it to the air, until now.  


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If your penis causes you to sin, should you cut it off?  Transgender Christian, Diamond Dee Bell, joins the guys for an interview about finding God in the midst of sex, porn, drugs, and ultimately a sex change. 


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A bunch of really smart dudes (and Joey) discuss biblical inerrancy in this Saturday episode of BCPOD.  This one will make your brain hurt.




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A Pastor With No Answers Blog Post:

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Do you feel too much? Jamie Tworkowski joins the guys to talk about his non-profit company To Write Love On Her Arms. You should also check out Jamie's new book, "If You Feel Too Much."


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Dan hangs out with Matt, Toby and Joey to discus the Supreme Court's recent decision and how everyone is reacting to it.  We also take listeners's bad questions and play Toby's new gameshow, Name That Sinner.
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Is a weekly sermon the most important thing you can do for your faith? Does your church look more like an AA meeting or a country club? Rachel Held Evans joins the guys to talk about this and much more in our 100th episode of BCPOD!


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In light of the shooting that occurred last week in our hometown of Charleston, SC, we are joined by our friends Thomas Rose and Propaganda to talk about racism. 
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Josh Dies joins the show to talk about anarchy, pacifism, and the straight-edge movement. Plus, the guys discuss money, not editing the podcast, and racial tension in our culture.





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Join BadChristian in celebration of the not quite 100th episode. You think we’re weird? Well, so are you
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