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Toby's thoughts on psychics and their manipulation tactics ruffles Joey's feathers when he tried to extent the criticism to pastors. Matt makes a case for needing colorful characters in the world through an example of a keyed up hockey coach.


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It seems that these days everyone expects a consensus view from everyone else. That is nonsense. We suggest a nice dose of taking yourself and everyone else less seriously.  Take a deep breath and try to enjoy YOUR life and worry a bit less about other people's lives.


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Today we (Matt, Toby, and Joey) find ourselves in a conversation about the Biblical cannon, and if it is forever closed, and why we think it is or isnt.  If we're honest, it can't be as simple as, "God said it, I believe it, and that settles it."


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Many Atheists, Agnostics, and Christians, despite their stark differences, have the common ingredient of being “Ex-Evangelical.” Within the faith of Christianity, the scales have been tipped (credit the November 2016 Presidential Election) to cause a large sect of Christianity to bow out of evangelicalism. How important is it for this movement to grow? Self-identified nerd and Ph.D. in Russian history (Stanford), Christopher Stroop is an Ex-Evangelical and started the movement #EmptyThePews. He is a compelling voice for evangelicalism to pack its bag and go the hell back to where it came from. Matt’s eccentric personality is reflected in his parenting as he shares a story on his refusal to allow his daughter to comply.


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NewSpring Church, according to Toby's Damn News, has declining attendance and income due to its parting with founding Pastor Perry Noble, who is now getting a divorce. Is Perry a "bad guy?" Is he a victim? Either way, we wish him well, and truly feel bad for what he is going through. Toby can't stop eating Halloween candy, but wonders if Halloween traditions will go away soon.


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Cops escorted Pastor and author Jonathan Martin off the Liberty University campus during a JOHNNYSWIM show while he was hanging with his friends in the greenroom. He was banned for life from Liberty University for planning a prayer meeting and opposing Trump and Jerry Falwell Jr. What’s the condition of the church when opposing points of view aren’t even welcomed?  What role does authoritarianism play in the church?  Before any of this conversation starts, Matt and Toby dissect Joey’s current depressive state.


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Movie director, Spencer T. Folmar, wants to use film to present the hope he’s found in Jesus.  Many Christians aren’t buying his intentions however given the colorful language, including the monstrous “F word,” that’s replete through his films.  We talk “constructive nudity,” “senseless violence,” “The Passion of Christ” and the potential of Christians making REAL movies.


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Author and host of radio show and podcast “Unbelievable?” talks faith, atheism, and how the two groups misunderstand one another.  He’s maintained an open mind to learn, and has had his faith stretched by some of these brilliant atheists, but still maintains his Christian faith. Justin, along with Matt, Toby, and Joey talk significantly about moral relativism. Toby realizes just how much he believes in Jesus; and oil leaks are always bad. . . unless it’s a bible.


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Making what you believe clear is something that you'd think all churches would like, but apparently George Mekhail's "Church Clarity" project has stirred up some unrest among churches since they score a church's transparency on where they stand with LGBTQ issues. Joey claims the hashtag #thatsnotme after coming out as no longer Evangelical.


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Shame, pain, and humiliation shouldn’t be words commonly used by women to describe sexual encounters. Teen girls shouldn’t feel obligated to return the favor by sexually fulfilling boys who take them out on a fun date.  Labiaplasties (surgery of trimming the labia) shouldn’t be on the rise, but even that sex education class in middle school discusses “ejaculation and orgasms” for guys, but “risk and danger” for the ladies.  Young girls are being cultured to forfeit pleasure, freedom, and confidence in the bedroom.  Peggy Orenstein is trying to change these cultural attitudes towards, practices and expectations for women and sex.


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