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Christians withdrawing from "the world" of media and culture has partly caused a natural bias against Christians from having a lack of influence there. Billy Hallowell helps us untangle this, being culture-focused writer. They also discuss responses to the recent Charlottesville protests by white nationalists.


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Ex-porn star, Brittni De La Mora, speaks about women's responsibility through modesty to help men not stumble, and Candice from the Free Sex expresses how evangelical culture made her ashamed of her body.


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After the untimely death and suicide of Chester Bennington, people’s hearts were grieved, but added to their sadness, came anger and accusations of cowardice.  Matt MacDonald (The Classic Crime, Vocal Few) was in this camp, and took heat for some cold comments made on social media.  Him and Levi the Poet, who lost his dad to suicide, talk all this through as we delve into the devastating act of suicide. Before that, Matt shares the benefits of what could be called “butt-dial therapy,” and Toby is taking his True Man Experience to Texas!


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You’ve all heard “Liar, Lunatic, or Lord,” but why isn’t it plausible for Jesus to be a “liar” or “lunatic?”  2000 years after the apparent resurrection, couldn’t Christians be off or mislead in how we interpret history?  All the same, we still believe, and feel strongly that Christians can learn a lot from atheists. At the same time, before atheists write off Christianity, it may be helpful for some to truly understand what we believe in the first place. Lastly, Toby and Matt discuss the huge perks of playing in a worship band.


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John Mark McMillan joins to discuss his new album “Mercury & Lightning,” which he wrote while processing a faith crisis, replete with anxiety and doubt, leaving him with honest songs depicting his struggles with God. He takes a risk with the departure from his usual worship style, as it follows his process of rethinking and then reconstructing his faith. Before he comes on, Matt expresses his anger towards “Brangelina” and Toby discovers that “alone time” may actually be good for him every once in awhile.


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The most successful people have coaches or mentors and recognize the great need for guidance.  Not so with Douche Bag Dudes.  Jordan Harbinger (host of Art of Charm Podcast) talks about what Art of Charm boot camp can offer people, discusses the power of humility and the stagnancy caused by ego.  How do we appreciate masculinity in a politically correct way and what’s wrong with our stereotyping of masculinity in the first place?  Lastly, should overweight people pay for more than one seat in a plane, pyramid schemes, and the Damn News bring you some crazy information on DNA and sex.  Oh yeah, and Matt thinks we are all made of menstruation.


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Maybe it’s God or if not, maybe his plan of redemption?  Either way, Christians are going to be so pissed when they found out the truth.  In other topics, McDonalds vs. Church, are people going to stop having kids, and those damn midwesterners.  And in the Damn News, man falls in love with his sex doll.  His wife was upset at first, but she’s fine now.


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Michael and Lisa Gungor join to tell the story of their recent show getting shut down during a Q&A. During an acoustic show at a Methodist Church, an atheist audience member prompted a strong reaction.


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Matt and Toby open the episode talking about news they just received of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington's suicide. Later Jonathan Merritt joins, the well-known journalist who wrote the article on Eugene Peterson. He dishes on what actually happened during the interview, and what it was like working with Peterson's publicists throughout the day, before and after Peterson retracted his statement. Churches will soon treat the LGBTQ community like they treat divorcees in the church. Also, congrats to us for hitting 300 episodes of The BadChristian Podcast!


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We've come a long way from "Something About Mary," but have we lost the ability to communicate clearly in an overly PC culture? As society works hard to gain more ground in this area, it's on the shoulders of modern comedians to speak to deeper truths underlaying our country's history of and existing racism.


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