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Four wheeler accident on 8/2/16 broke him up physically but changed his life for the better, Dallas Taylor talks about it all for the first time.  Now he loves deeper, appreciates more and is currently persevering through intense pain and physical limitations.  In lesser important matters, what’s the deal with blocking people on twitter, Toby struggles with guilt for being negative towards the church and in the Damn News, man shoots a trespassing stranger who was trying to steal a quick, hot shower.  

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Pastor Tim Kellers’ convictions on male headship cost him recently but he took it like a champ. Matt, Toby and Joey have changed a lot on their perspective of male headship and women pastors, have you?  Vice President Mike Pence swears he’ll never dine alone with a woman; (i.e. the Billy Graham Rule) is this respect or sexism? Toby’s dog needs knee surgery and Pastor Joey definitely is against paying money to help animals. Also, we hear how a big time mega church pastor talks about wealth and it’s apparent that he seems to forget just how wealthy he is himself!


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The BadChristian trio get some constructive criticism about their podcast from a Pastor that readily admits he can only ingest the podcast in small doses. Toby accepts the challenge to write a hit worship song. He performs three worship songs that were written in a few hours. You make the call; are they hits? Toby wonders why he needs to call transgenders by their new gender and Joey managed to piss off Michael Jackson’s daughter (true story).
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Is this out of line?  Joey’s a Pastor.  Isn’t there a verse about being above reproach? You’ll also hear about Toby’s upcoming hit Worship song, why PC police are out of line for trying to take the word “girl” out of our vocabulary and why Matt thinks Third Eye Blind was ahead of their time. 

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John Mark McMillan talks his resistance to pigeon-holing himself in the CCM music scene, shares compromises that are useful and needed in this particular market, reflects on some changes in his faith, and walks us through how a worship song writer goes about composing worship songs for Jesus while being okay with maintaining a motivation to make more money.  Joey’s suffering from compassion fatigue.  What the hell is that?  And in the damn news, a boy tries to impress a girl by swimming in alligator-infested waters.


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Currently writing a book on these experiences, Lisa Gungor (Gungor Music and The Liturgists Podcast) reflects on the rejection and abandonment from supposedly their Christian community after her and her husband were “found out” to have some unorthodox biblical views. What does parenting look like given her major faith changes? How do her parents process their daughter’s newfound freedom? This and more from Lisa Gungor. Toby and Matt take you a bit behind the scenes of what it looks like to still be doing Emery as 40 year-old men and Joey admits to his buddies, having to re-evaluate their friendships.
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Have you ever heard of porn pity party syndrome? It effects most Christians males after they look at porn and Toby/Joey reflect on this months mess-ups. Matt pleads the 5th. Toby’s edifies us all by sharing things that he hates and Pigeon John takes us to school on his life journey’s of an authentic hip hop creator trying to resist the silly parameters of Christian Contemporary Music Marketing.
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Mark Driscoll isn’t the only one that should be speaking for the once flourishing church community Mars Hill in Seattle, Washington. So let’s start with Jen Smidt, who alongside her husband invested their time, energy, and hearts into former Mars Hill Church, once led by Pastor Mark Driscoll. They actually brought the first Mars Hill baby into the world and maintained significant roles in curriculum writing, counseling, general Mars Hill media and were in high levels of leadership. Jen tells the story of rich community they found and helped establish at Mars Hill, her and her husband’s relationship and interactions with the Driscoll family, and the eventual heartbreak and unhealthy manner of it all ending. Toby, Joey and Matt reflect a bit on how jacked up and hypocritical church structures are, but you don’t want to miss the laughs, tears, and stories told in this episode.
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Jason Stellman (host of Drunk Ex-Pastor Podcast) comes on to talk about the church, his newly found Catholicism, and his book “Misfit Faith: Confessions of a Drunk Ex-Pastor.” Tullian Tchividjian texts Matt during the show and the word “secular” is played out. And in The Damn News, we can't save our own environment, maybe we can help Mars with theirs.
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LSD immediately made a positive impact on Ayelet, an author and mother of four. She wrote the book “A Really Good Day: How Microdosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage, and My Life. Hear her story. Toby appears on one of the leading NPR podcasts and almost gets destroyed by a tornado on the same day. Also, Joey and Toby’s friend passes away from a motorcycle accident. RIP Bronson Rash.
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