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This is the first in a series of live episodes. The guys do the full show plus some music in a living room.  This was recorded on 8-26 in Seattle and features live music from BC Music artists, Vocal Few and Kings Kaleidoscope. 

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Herb Silverman is an atheist author and college professor. He joins the podcast to have a lively discussion about how all not atheist are out to destroy our children and  ruin democracy.

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Frontman Chad Gardner hangs out for the entire episode on which we premiere the first single from their new LP. Chad opens up about the pain and struggles that have accompanied him personally through the making of their new album. In the past year, Chad resigned from his job at a church, lost a close family member, and he and his wife lost their first child in the womb.

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Michael Gungor comes on the show to talk about all of the controversy and the evangelical firestorm he has recently found himself in.  Comments he made about not believing in a strict literal interpretation of Genesis has left him with canceled gigs, lost fans, and accusations that he is a "child of Hell"

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Tommy opens up about his experiences with adultery, suicide, having a kid as a teenager and much more.  He is one of the easiest least guarded people to ever talk to. His honesty is truly refreshing. Tommy loves Jesus and has a great perspective and story to share.

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