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Brandon and Joey Talk about all the old Tooth and Nail bands that Toby and Matt have never heard of, Brandon recounts wanting to sign Emery only after they lost weight and bought some decent clothes, and Toby and Matt explain why they foolishly turned down a giant amount of money from Brandon only to re-sign later for a much smaller deal.

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JT Woodruff is the singer and songwriter for Hawthorne Heights.  He is good friends with Matt and Toby and comes on the show to talk about screamo, the tragic loss of their bandmate Casey Calvert and how Steven Christian from Anberlin gets so mad when he loses at basketball that he throws his shoes at the wall.

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Mike joins the show to talk tour stories, pranks, drinking to loosen up before shows and touring with Satanic bands. 

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Dan from Jars of Clay comes on to discuss the controversy about his comments on gay marriage. Toby explains that his wife has breast cancer. Matt helps us understand the ambiguity of reality itself, and Joey continues to be a fat pastor.  Also, news with Toby.

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