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Joey's brother joins us to debate many issues and give some insight on to why Joey is the way he is.  We delve into some deep know, stuff like the implications of sex with robots.

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Jeremy makes a great addition to the show for two reasons.  One, because he has great rapport with the guys since being on tour with them and two, because he has some really heavy and troubling stuff going on in his head and he talks very openly about it.  Marriage, addiction, anxiety, depression, fear, failure and being a pastors kid all play into what he is dealing with and writing about on the new Abandon Kansas album.

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Jen Smith is a female blogger and writer at who dedicates her time to encourage women to be the best wife they can be by sharing openly her personal experiences and biblical principles.  She speaks openly about her sex life and troubles she has had in her marriage. 

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After Toby did some major trash talking, and downright criticism of Derek Webb on a previous episode, the guys now have the chance to talk to him man to man on the show.  We discussed the need for and the reasons not to be open and transparent on the internet.  Needless to say, BC is not quite on the same page as Derek, but Derek's positions are well thought out and respectable.  Enjoy.


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Jennifer discusses being a woman, a Christian, a lesbian, and a performer.  She talks about her book and her new album as well.

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