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Jason Hamacher was the drummer for the band Frodus who formed in 1993 and was part of  Tooth and Nail's early hardcore roster.  Frodus toured with The Refused witnessed their breakup first hand.  Jason is now involved with recording the oldest Christian music that exists, chanting in Syria that dates back to 190 AD.


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Devin Shelton hangs out the entire episode and talks about quitting Emery as well as coming back for the new album.  He currently works at a church and like the BC crew has lots of thought on what is wrong and right with the way things are in Christianity. Plus, lots of fun old stories from the Emery days, college days before that, and all the way back to Matt and Devin being on the same baseball team when they were 6.

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Levi Macallister is a spoken word and performance artist, writer, speaker and storyteller. He opens up about mental illness in his family and his father's suicide.  Levi is on the speaking team at XXX Church.  Note: No dogs were harmed or kicked in the making of this episode.




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Since we have been asked 80 million times, we thought we would give a crack at discussing racism in America, Ferguson and our upbringing in the South in the 80's.  Being that we don't know much and are not well spoken, we thought we would bring in a guest who has a lot of interest in the subject.  Jake Dockter is a writer and has a blog called Theology of Ferguson.

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