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The guys record this episode from Australia and discuss their travels and also play a little of a BRAND NEW EMERY SONG! Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth coauthored a book called, "The Day I Met Jesus" in which they chronicle the encounters of five women with Jesus. Frank also wrote a book called "Pagan Christianity" that has been a signifigant influence on Matt and Toby. 



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Our favorite Ira Glass impersonator, DAN KOCH, joins us to answer your absolutely terrible questions. The guys talk about Warped Tour Bible study, complete with plenty of name drops and hilarious stories, and Joey is relatively quiet for this episode - so it's destined to be one of your favorites! Just kidding... we love Joey... kind of...


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Jason Petty, better known as rapper PROPAGANDA, joins the guys for an interview this week.  They talk about the state of Christian hip-hop, Kendrick Lamar's new album, but more importantly, we one-up our previous "racism episode" by ACTUALLY TALKING TO A BLACK DUDE about racism.  Also, in case you haven't heard... popular televangelist Creflo Dollar needs a new $60 million jet to keep doing the Lord's work.  Hallelujah! 


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Joey's older, skinny, more intelligent brother visits this week to talk about Florida, Jews, Pastors, and to to do some BadQuestions, WorseAnswers.


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Aaron Sprinkle the legendary producer who produced  Emery's The Question and worked on several other Emery records joins the show to share stories and laugh with Matt, Toby and Joey. He talks about feeling the need for validation in his art, and also claims to be doung the interview while in the bath tub.


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Emery's first drummer Seth hangs out this episode to talk about drinking and driving, man boobs, being a counselor and psychotherapist and to take listener questions.  


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Peter, the lead vocalist of the Norwegian metal band EXTOL talks with Matt, Toby and Joey about music, mental illness, spending time in a Norwegian mental care facility with his family and why EXTOL took an unexplained hiatus.  Peter has produced a film documenting all of this and more, available for preorder at

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Light a few candles, pour yourself a glass of wine, and enjoy this extra sexual - I mean, special... episode of The BadChristian Podcast.  The guys team up with Logan Cael to answer questions from YOU, the listeners!  In this weeks edition of "HOW TO GENERATE HATE MAIL IN 3 SHORT MINUTES" Toby explores what would happen is "50 Shades of Grey" took place in the deep south.  Matt also sits down with the guys from Least Of These to chat about the music business.


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Cory from Norma Jean joins the podcast!  The guys talk with Cory about how he came to be the frontman of Norma Jean, life on the road, struggling with depression, and a car accident that nearly took his daughter's life last month.  You don't want to miss this interview!  For more information on how you can help Sara during her recovery, please visit:


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