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Toby's beard is gone, and so is his sense of humor. Don't worry though, David Crowder hangs out for an interview and totally redeems this episode. They talk about the Church as a business, the Christian music industry, sloppy wet kisses, and Emery's hatred of Chinese food and green rooms. Our apologies for some of the audio quality during this interview, Crowder forgot to pay his internet bill. 




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Yes, Dan is back yet again, but this time to take Joey's place as he travels to a Pastors conference. Today's topics include minimum wage, Matt becoming a male nanny, the N-word and R-word and what "Biblical" means.

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This episode is an instant classic.  In light of the recent police shooting and resulting murder of Walter Scott in North Charleston, SC, the guys are joined by author and activist Shane Claiborne to talk about racism, police brutality, prosperity vs. poverty gospel, the necessity of community, and SO MUCH MORE!  If you're only here for the low-bar humor, you can find that in the closing segment...


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As if we don't talk about sex enough as it is, we're going to spend a whole episode on it with Craig and Jeanette Gross from Best Sex Life Now and XXX Church.  They answered some of your questions and had a pretty open conversation about everything from pornography to the Green Bay Packers.



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It's finally happened, folks.  Matt Carter has defined "virginity" once and for all.  Are you PFP?  The guys also interview Scott Mellinger from the massively influential band ZAO.  He speaks very openly about the things that led him and some of the other members of ZAO away from Christianity.  Scott also drops some BOMBS in a theological debate that gets Joey all hot and bothered.



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This should be pretty self explanatory, no? Matt Toby and Joey trying to put together a string of coherent thoughts in front of a crowd after a few beers.


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Hopefully you all enjoyed your chocolate bunny in the name of Christ!  For this weeks episode the guys are joined by Jason from Silver Ring Thing.  SRT is a group that promotes purity and abstinence until marriage, so it's about to GET SEXUAL.  BadChristian talking about abstinence... you know you're intrigued.


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Have you ever wanted to hangout with a couple of hillbilly-rock bands?  Here’s your chance!  The guys sit down in a hotel room in Brisbane, Australia with every member of Emery and Norma Jean to talk about a number of unrelated things.  They cover drugs, sex, music, angry toddlers, becoming a dad, near-death experiences, and so much more.




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