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Do these descriptions really matter? Does it determine weather or not you listen to the episode? Are they a waste of my time? I really just don't know anymore.  I really don't.

The episode today is Toby, Joey, and Matt talking about stuff.



Break It Down:

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Mike is a sweet dude who is a true hero of Joey's and a predecessor as well as a contemporary of Matt's and Toby's. He is no longer claiming the Christian faith that he once did, so we talk about that, what its like to tour as a teenager, and the perspective that comes from touring the world.



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On the second half of the show the guys discuss what could it look like if The Church was THE church and not a bunch of individual propietary institutions, but before that big topic Joey talks about driving for Uber and then the guys get into a fight.  



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Stephen joins the program to discuss Haste the Day's "no drinking on tour" policy, being a pastors kid, and what its like replacing of Jimmy Ryan. 





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Aaron Lunsford sits down with Matt and Toby in the back of the tour bus to talk about his new book , his first marriage, and the panic attack that made him walk off stage last week mid show and try to leave the tour.



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Matt and Toby visit Pete Holmes in LA and discuss porn, his divorce, and being so depressed he couldn't even keep a boner. Also, God as a metaphor and the discoveries that eventually led him to abandon Christianity altogether.




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Joey and his brother Jared host Toby and Chip Judd for a discussion on Calvinism.


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Michael comes back to hang out and talk about the Liturgist Podcast and his new album, One Wild Life. 


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Shane Claiborne comes back for this episode to hang out with Matt and Toby while Joey’s away at a pastor’s retreat. They talk about stuff like the death penalty, church membership, the future of communication and the war on drugs.


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