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Listen up as Joey and our guest Dumpy thrill you with stories from their glory days in college.  You know, the ones about bad breakups and joining fraternities for the girls?  No?  How about the one where Joey gets out of the car at a stoplight for no reason?  Also, can Joey’s new diet work to cure his depression even if he eats an entire box of Tic Tac’s and chunks of pineapple?  And Joey finally gets a taste of his own medicine when Toby interrupts one of his stories.

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Join us and our guest Jeff Bettger (DRYBNZ, Artist Reformation) as we discuss what might have gone wrong with Pastor Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church in Seattle.  Also, can Matt successfully navigate a business meeting with a hand full of dog shit?  When a pastor implodes a Church is the congregation ultimately to blame?  Answers to this and more on this episode of Bad Christian! 

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Our guest this week is Mike Lewis from Go Big Win and the Giving Is Believing podcast.  He tells us about touring with Rage Against The Machine back in the day and why Christians shouldn’t drive Porche’s. Also, a special visit from Ike and thank God Joey is finally going on a diet!

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We are joined this episode by pastor and former band manager Nick Bogardus as we dig further into the shelf life of sermons. Also, is there a tiny woman named Siri living in your iPhone? Should throwing a small alligator through a drive thru window be considered assault with a deadly weapon? We answer the big questions!

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Joey believes in giants!  Toby is taking angry notes during his workouts.  Matt is trying to be less attractive to keep his marriage happy.  Also an interview with a BC Clubber.

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Today we are joined by blogger Jamie Wright who is the self-proclaimed "Very Worst Missionary." Also, is Joey the laziest broadcaster on earth? Should you be eating chicken tenders coated in pork rinds to lose weight? We also give some help for you ladies on how to interpret text messages.

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Some exciting new projects in the BC universe. Joey talks about his new book examining his mental illness, and the new podcast from Matt MacDonald and Nate Henrey of The Classic Crime and Sherwood. 


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Join us with guest Dave Runyon, co-author of the book "The Art of Neighboring: Building Genuine Relationships Right Outside Your Door."  We're going to talk about the classic Christian "bait and switch", the importance of not being weird and what a "heart-on" is.  Also, Matt runs down the list of things he doesn't use and Toby tries to convince us that life without God would be just like becoming somebody's prison bitch.

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