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That Five Love Languages Book is full of shit according to Matt.  Toby gives the secret to making Matt cry, Joey needs words of affirmation and Matt thinks friendships are based on the usefulness of people. Musician and author Aaron Lunsford also joins the show. In the Damn News, would you trust the clergy with your child and are all jokes funny?


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Is physically cheating on your wife with another woman worse than looking at porn? When should a Pastor lose his job and what sort of benefits should he get? Yeah, that’s right, we’re the experts. Matt is the King of BadChristian expansion. There’s so much going on that Joey and Toby find out about new projects via social media. Also we get back into it with Scott Mellinger about what it means to be an atheist and Joey asks a bunch of stupid questions.
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Emo-less Matt processes the passing of his favorite Grandparent and Toby calls BS on a Holy Spirit encounter Joey apparently had while watching a Christian movie.  This episode was recorded way past every one’s bedtime but hey, you got to do what you got to do. We’re also joined by author and friend Mike McCann.
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That’s right, Toby hits the big 4-0! And, oh yeah, no girls allowed at his birthday party. Also, why are Christians so dogmatic in their stances on art and entertainment? And Matt goes off on the education system because he knows everything about everything. This episode is a real tearjerker!

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Why Toby thinks a family vacation to NY is a horrible idea, what the future has in store for digital/robot sex, some possible intern openings at BadChristian, the Damn News and more.


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We check back in with author, teacher and speaker Preston Sprinkle. Also, have the terms “Emo” and “Evangelical” come to mean something totally different than when they started? What can we do to claim victory over our addition to Corn?! Has Toby uncovered what might be the worst thing yet to ever be addicted to? Tune in and find out!

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Our guest this week Mikee Bridges (Game Church, TOM Fest, Sometime Sunday) has some regrets about his background in Christian music, bands, festivals and the like. In the news - what's the deal with leap year birthdays? Also, prepare yourself for a toxic shock!

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Toby wonders what the hell he’s doing with his life, Joey’s has major doubts, Everything is falling apart.  Seems to be a toilsome time in Joey and Toby’s brains.  Matt makes some observations and seems to have some clear assessments to what’s wrong.  Personal, intimate and scary conversations made public. 


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We are joined today by Tyson Motsenbocker whose grieving process after the loss of his mother involved walking from San Diego to San Francisco. He will tell us how that worked out and he’ll also perform a track from his new album live in studio!  Speaking of grieving, Joey’s son is very upset about the death of Abraham Lincoln.  We also explore whether or not Jesus can be your personal Lord and trainer.

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