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Toby talks about the creative freedom and mental energy he now has in his post church career. Joey rambles on about something or another and the guys wonder why it feels so good for fluids to leave your body.

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We're joined this week by hip-hop artist Derek Minor. We chat about different facets of systematic racism and bias as well as dealing with haters. Toby sings for us a highly inappropriate lullaby. Joey's grandma is dealing with new feelings in her 90's. And in the news, the real roots of the drug war.
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We're joined by "the beer can professor", Paul Roof, who was fired from his job at Charleston Southern University for one of the dumbest reasons ever. And forget about open caskets, Toby plans on appearing at his funeral in a chair, drinking a beer! In the news, a hero saves his dog from a fire...or does he?! Also, a very special appearance from Matt’s Dad, Buddy Carter!
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Toby is upset about his fathers inability to show love. Matt is dealing with demotion issues related to second child fatherhood and situations where he has no control. Joey is giving Devin strange advice in the wake of the loss of his mother while trying not to run over dogs. We’ve got issues! And in the news, jilted Moms sending nudes to sons, scientists teleporting photons and disturbing vibrator mishaps.
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The extended BadChristian family comes together for a bonus episode to get their reactions of this year's second presidential debate. Post-debate commentary is brought to you by Matt MacDonald and Nate Henry of Don't Feed The Trolls, Toby Morrell of Unstoppable Badass, and Dan Koch of the new podcast Depolarize!

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A hurricane is headed for Charleston, but Joey is just calmly broadcasting from bed with his big gulp and funyons. Toby is disappointed that our show did not make “The Wolf List.” Mega church pastor Andy Stanley is willing to let go of inerrancy to reach millennials which got us thinking about what we’ve let go of on our faith journeys. And in the news...bald is sexy and Denzel Washington strangles Aretha Franklin.
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