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Maybe it’s God or if not, maybe his plan of redemption?  Either way, Christians are going to be so pissed when they found out the truth.  In other topics, McDonalds vs. Church, are people going to stop having kids, and those damn midwesterners.  And in the Damn News, man falls in love with his sex doll.  His wife was upset at first, but she’s fine now.


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Michael and Lisa Gungor join to tell the story of their recent show getting shut down during a Q&A. During an acoustic show at a Methodist Church, an atheist audience member prompted a strong reaction.


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Matt and Toby open the episode talking about news they just received of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington's suicide. Later Jonathan Merritt joins, the well-known journalist who wrote the article on Eugene Peterson. He dishes on what actually happened during the interview, and what it was like working with Peterson's publicists throughout the day, before and after Peterson retracted his statement. Churches will soon treat the LGBTQ community like they treat divorcees in the church. Also, congrats to us for hitting 300 episodes of The BadChristian Podcast!


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We've come a long way from "Something About Mary," but have we lost the ability to communicate clearly in an overly PC culture? As society works hard to gain more ground in this area, it's on the shoulders of modern comedians to speak to deeper truths underlaying our country's history of and existing racism.


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Why are we surprised when seasoned Christians are disinterested in “going to church?”  Is it a fair statement to say that their faith in God may be too deep for it? Joey wonders how a non-conformist like Matt fit into the Mars Hill Church culture for so long. We also speculate why Eugene Peterson retracted his statement we discussed last week.


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Matt, Toby, and Joey discuss the Christian response to Eugene Peterson (author of The Message) coming out as gay affirming, only to find out after recording the episode that the old man changed his mind?


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Can you be a progressive female, and also hold fast to complementarian views of headship and submission in the church and home? BC Club member Martha Davenport explores biblical complementarianism that is closer to egalitarianism than what the evangelical church might have you believe. Also, Toby’s having coyote problems that may put his kids on house arrest.

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Author of the article, “5 Signs Your Church Might Be Heading Toward Progressive Christianity” joins the show for a head-to-head discussion on why progressive christian thought is a danger to our children. Can Christians agree to disagree on matters of sexuality?  Is there less "black and white" in the bible than what we were brought up to believe?  Are there essentials of the Christian faith that are merely tradition and need to go?  Or is Alisa's article spot on and we're all in trouble?


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Traveling around and talking to podcast listeners, we’ve found that The BadChristian Podcast is listened to by pastors, volunteers, and attendees of mainstream churches.  Most of them just don’t admit to it.  Aaron Lunsford tells his story of starting a BBQ business, having his new rig break down, and seeing his actual business go up in literal flames. All in one day. Lastly, BC Club boy proposes to BC Club girl on the show.


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Matt and Toby wrote an album about this and Joey, who may be going a bit overboard, thinks it’s lyrically revolutionary and has great implications for the church.  Also, after performing at AudioFeed festival, Matt, Toby and Joey discuss the unfairness of strangers introducing themselves, only afterwards depending on them completely to carry the conversation from there.  Lastly can humor be found in any situation? Toby tells a tragic story in the Damn News that may be hard not to laugh at.


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