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Movie director, Spencer T. Folmar, wants to use film to present the hope he’s found in Jesus.  Many Christians aren’t buying his intentions however given the colorful language, including the monstrous “F word,” that’s replete through his films.  We talk “constructive nudity,” “senseless violence,” “The Passion of Christ” and the potential of Christians making REAL movies.


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Author and host of radio show and podcast “Unbelievable?” talks faith, atheism, and how the two groups misunderstand one another.  He’s maintained an open mind to learn, and has had his faith stretched by some of these brilliant atheists, but still maintains his Christian faith. Justin, along with Matt, Toby, and Joey talk significantly about moral relativism. Toby realizes just how much he believes in Jesus; and oil leaks are always bad. . . unless it’s a bible.


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Making what you believe clear is something that you'd think all churches would like, but apparently George Mekhail's "Church Clarity" project has stirred up some unrest among churches since they score a church's transparency on where they stand with LGBTQ issues. Joey claims the hashtag #thatsnotme after coming out as no longer Evangelical.


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Shame, pain, and humiliation shouldn’t be words commonly used by women to describe sexual encounters. Teen girls shouldn’t feel obligated to return the favor by sexually fulfilling boys who take them out on a fun date.  Labiaplasties (surgery of trimming the labia) shouldn’t be on the rise, but even that sex education class in middle school discusses “ejaculation and orgasms” for guys, but “risk and danger” for the ladies.  Young girls are being cultured to forfeit pleasure, freedom, and confidence in the bedroom.  Peggy Orenstein is trying to change these cultural attitudes towards, practices and expectations for women and sex.


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Matt’s logical brain was discombobulated by a synergistic experience he had this weekend at a Kings Kaleidoscope show which made him realize there might be more to this human experience than can be emulated by AI despite having tried VR for the first time just two days prior. Toby takes Matt’s explanation of reality farther than most would, but reveals the inevitable generational gap where “back in the day” will mean when physical vacations and relationships were primary over VR and pod life.


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Despite his conservative upbringing, Brandan Robertson’s first book deal was canceled due to him being vocal about affirming LGBTQ after studying the topic intensively for two years. He eventually came out as bisexual himself, and has become an influential writer for TIME Magazine, Huffington Post, NBC, as well as the author of multiple books on sexuality. Also on this episode, we talk Harvey Weinstein, sexual favors for gain, and Matt’s theory on a future “celebrity death boom.”


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Toxic masculinity, good and healthy masculinity, men and women's ministries; do we pigeonhole folks to a certain brand of masculinity and femininity? Can this be harmful? One thing is for sure, thinking through all of this is much more complex than we give it credit for. Toby ends things with a “things that make me mad list,” including his laments on not being able to let out “sad farts."


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There's no need to go to the Bible for an explanation on fossil records or insight on cancer research. It's equally pointless turning to science for data on how to solve your moral dilemmas. Jim Stump, Senior Editor at Biologos and author of "Science and Christianity: An Introduction to the Issues," invites the church to see the harmony between science and biblical faith as he and his organization present an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation. Matt, Toby, and Joey discuss Cam Newton’s (QB, Carolina Panthers) sexist remarks to a female reporter, and Matt explains his unique theory on the real problem behind mass shootings; and it has nothing to do with guns.


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With the shooting in Las Vegas, it seemed weird to be “business as usual,” advertising products, laughing, cutting jokes, but isn’t laughing good for the soul? We share some jokes in which we’ve taken things too far, talk about Matt Chandler’s decision to only pastor one church with one location, reflect on Trump’s presidency in times like these and brag on (once again) Seacoast Church.


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