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Actor Stephen Baldwin from the films The Usual Suspects, BioDome, and a new TV show Great American Pilgrimage explains how he became the "Jesus Freak of Hollywood," and tells us why God ordained Trump to be President. 


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Our friend Chad Johnson came on today to talk about his new book One Thousand Risks, and they talk death after his dad passed away this weekend. Before that, Matt gets on a rant about how we're messing up our kids' lives by putting them online: i.e. the bullied kid whose video went viral this past week when his mom posted it to the public.


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Greg Surratt leads one of the largest churches in the world that influences churches worldwide. The question still stands, why does he let Joey do The BadChristian Podcast? We talk about this and bring to the table the many complaints we've articulated on this podcast about pastors, moral failures, and mega-church culture.


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Author of "The Myth of a Christian Nation" and founder of answers some of Matt and Toby's questions about what Open Theism's believes about God differently from Calvinism and Arminianism. We talk a lot about the omniscience of God and predestination. He also helps explain the problem with the Calvinistic view of Christians as The Elect.


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There was an ugly and embarrassing thread on Twitter this weekend. Many of you observed it, and many participated in it. It was primarily in regards to the inclusion of Preston Sprinkle at BadChristian Con. Some feel that he is a bigot and his views are tantamount to violence and that BC is implicated by giving him the stage. 
I (Matt) think it's a tragic look and insight into the negative side of a text-based, hyper-connected platform like twitter.  In order to try to rectify that, we have invited people from both sides of the argument to see if the vitriol is real, or just something that happens when we are behind our keyboards.   
The guests today are BC Club members Adrian and Tierney, who were defending BC and also Stacey Midge who was a vocal opponent to BC's platform.


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Jake Meador, author of the article "Ecclesiology and the Zombie Pastors Problem," joins to discuss issues with pastors like Mark Driscoll (among others) coming back to ministry after being disqualified. Jake points out that the process of reconciliation between pastors and ministry is either to short and easy, or non-existent. We also announce the first BadChristian Conference, with featured guests Pete Enns, Jonathan Merritt, and other speakers, music by Emery, Kings Kaleidoscope, As Cities Burn, and more, and parities, semi-formal winter ball, panels, learning sessions, and lots of fun.


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