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Regardless of whether the future is scary or unnerving, do yourself a favor: grit your teeth and go with it. Our bodies are also falling apart, Matt thinks rock music is dead and maybe money can make you happy after all.


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Jen Matthews' family lives and breathes football - including her Super Bowl Champ brother, Clay Matthews, of the Green Bay Packers. Hear what it's like being a woman in this family of football studs and why Jen left a promising NFL broadcasting career to have an integral part in extending the efforts of, an interactive app that uses technology to unite people in prayer. Lastly, it took Joey years to realize he was inconsiderate in making sport of his wife being sexually violated in her college years.


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Hosts of Depolarize! Podcast, Dan and Ellen, come in studio to hang out and give us an update on this masterpiece of a podcast. Season two brings in new co-host, Ellen Mauro, as they track down and interview Trump supporters and non-supporters from all walks of life, depolarizing the world one person at a time.


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We all know Joey doesn't believe in hell, but with all the death Matt has experienced in the last few years, he has a hard time imagining that there is a heaven or a hell. Also Toby shares a specific encounter he had with God that he cannot ignore.


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Fish oils, exercise, less sugar, SSRIs, and dropping more ingrained religion is given Joey hope in 2018, but even as this new approach seems to be working, there’s still fear that it shouldn’t be this good. Also what do you do when someone asks you to pray for an unspoken? Does it even matter?


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Employee of ours for four years, Reva talks about what it's like to be the only female on the tour bus, and to work with Matt, Toby, and Joey on a daily basis. How much should a group of guys adjust their behavior to accommodate for gender equality in a rough environment like a rock band tour?


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Tommy and his wife's lives were deeply impacted and changed by the great loss of a sweet teenage girl named Anna. Hear how they have decided to use her life and death to bring hope to others. Tommy also chimes in on what Jesus's love should mean in today's polarizing, hate-filled culture that even many Christians have been caught up in. Maybe Jesus was serious about the whole "loving others" thing after all?


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Ever have a crazy (but good) idea and never had the guts to go for it? Jon Foreman of Switchfoot decided to go for his crazy dream of playing 25 shows in 24 hours, all in different locations of San Diego. From a hospital that saved his daughter's life years prior, to his old high school with the marching band, Jon and his friends gave and received the true gift of community, musical expression, adventure, and a deeper sense of what life is all about.


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James DeYoung tells us why Paul Young, author of The Shack, might be leading us all to hell.


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