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Shane Claiborne comes back for this episode to hang out with Matt and Toby while Joey’s away at a pastor’s retreat. They talk about stuff like the death penalty, church membership, the future of communication and the war on drugs.


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JMM joins the guys to talk about he and his wife's new EP, "You Are The Avalanche." However, it trails off into conversations about worship music, Bruce Springsteen, and that super trendy Ryan Adams guy.
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On this episode, the guys discuss their views on planned parenthood including abortion, the use of contraceptives, and if as Christians we are still obligated to show love to abortion advocates.


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Shaunti and Craig have written a book called Through a Man's Eyes.  Shaunti has a unique ability to communicate to women what men see, as in how difficult it is for them not to visualize sex with every woman they see.  Yes, perhaps that is an over generalization, but you get the point.  


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On this episode, the guys talk about whether or not the church should be run like a business and bring up a few alternative frameworks, such as required tithing and budget transparency.  Plus they revisit a pretty intense fight from back in December that never made it to the air, until now.  


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If your penis causes you to sin, should you cut it off?  Transgender Christian, Diamond Dee Bell, joins the guys for an interview about finding God in the midst of sex, porn, drugs, and ultimately a sex change. 


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A bunch of really smart dudes (and Joey) discuss biblical inerrancy in this Saturday episode of BCPOD.  This one will make your brain hurt.




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Do you feel too much? Jamie Tworkowski joins the guys to talk about his non-profit company To Write Love On Her Arms. You should also check out Jamie's new book, "If You Feel Too Much."


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Dan hangs out with Matt, Toby and Joey to discus the Supreme Court's recent decision and how everyone is reacting to it.  We also take listeners's bad questions and play Toby's new gameshow, Name That Sinner.
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Is a weekly sermon the most important thing you can do for your faith? Does your church look more like an AA meeting or a country club? Rachel Held Evans joins the guys to talk about this and much more in our 100th episode of BCPOD!


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In light of the shooting that occurred last week in our hometown of Charleston, SC, we are joined by our friends Thomas Rose and Propaganda to talk about racism. 
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Josh Dies joins the show to talk about anarchy, pacifism, and the straight-edge movement. Plus, the guys discuss money, not editing the podcast, and racial tension in our culture.





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Join BadChristian in celebration of the not quite 100th episode. You think we’re weird? Well, so are you
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Having kids can put a serious damper on your sex life. In this episode, we talk about post-natal sex and how husbands can  love their wives most during that time. Plus, tips for husbands on when to encourage their wives to start having sex after children. Make sure to subscribe to Free Sex for weekly episodes:

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Former bank robber, Clay Tumey, joins the podcast to talk about how he successfully robbed dozens of banks without getting caught. Not surprisingly, Joey and Toby fight about The Damn News, and Matt gives his spin on a recent BC episode, Driscoll Depression. 




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Mark LaFay joins the podcast to talk about his new social community, Roust. Plus, the guys answer a ton of questions about the music business, and reminisce about the tour when LaFay wanted Emery to pull his meat smoker behind their bus.


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Mike Vogel describes what "making-out" on set is actually like. Sorry, Kirk Cameron. Plus, Toby lies to Joey’s face, Joey gets what he wants from AT&T, and Matt tells us exactly how his wife spent her March Madness loot.



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In this episode, learn why Matt has to hire a financial consultant, hear Toby’s honest opinion about Mark Driscoll, and find out how Joey gets stuck in the St. Louis arch? 





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For the first time, our guests talk more about sex than Matt, Toby, and Joey combined. Meet Katie and Candice of Free Sex podcast. Plus, Joey tells all about his “almost” second seizure and Toby completely forgets about reality. 
Free Sex Podcast:
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Why are millennials leaving the church? Pastor Geoff Surratt has a bad-ass perspective you don’t want to miss.


Survey for Geoff: Click here to participate.




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Joey starts this episode happy, but depression sets in quick. Mike tells him to get a psychiatrist and Matt and Toby plan a get-rich-quick scheme around his death. Plus, find out why Matt says you have to be sleazy to work in the music industry.


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This episode is... awkward.


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Welcome to the Salvation Station. We will not stop this podcast until everyone is saved—in America at least. Jokes aside—in this podcast, Joey drops a bomb regarding Mark Driscoll and Rob Bell, Stephen Cobbuci shares a horror story about sharing the Gospel on tour, and Matt & Toby reflect on the fact that in 1999, they dreamed about starting a record label called Shure Shot Records.
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We’re live in Jacksonville where Joey admits to kicking the event hosts’ dog.
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Stephen Christian "formerly" of Anberlin joins us for an interview!  He talks about what it's like to be on the other side of Anberlin, his new job, and more on a topic that really connected with all of you last time he was on the show: premarital sex.
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Underoath premiered their brand new documentary "Tired Violence" last week in Tampa, and they were nice enough to invite us along for the ride. The guys have a very candid conversation about the end of Underoath, the new documentary, and how Spencer hates all of their children. 


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I think the title says it all, folks.  Join us for a conversation about atheism, apologetics, the brilliance that is "Drunk Ex-Pastors," and some conversations that Toby recently had with some very famous preachers. 


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We're LIVE in a woodshed in Orlando, FL.  Joey isn't suffering from kidney stones on this tour… yet.  They talk about church size and whether or not "growth = success," how Toby hates loving people, we address our foul language… again… and the guys are also joined by Mark Salomon from Stavesacre, The Crucified, and Neon Horse!  

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Toby's beard is gone, and so is his sense of humor. Don't worry though, David Crowder hangs out for an interview and totally redeems this episode. They talk about the Church as a business, the Christian music industry, sloppy wet kisses, and Emery's hatred of Chinese food and green rooms. Our apologies for some of the audio quality during this interview, Crowder forgot to pay his internet bill. 




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Yes, Dan is back yet again, but this time to take Joey's place as he travels to a Pastors conference. Today's topics include minimum wage, Matt becoming a male nanny, the N-word and R-word and what "Biblical" means.

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This episode is an instant classic.  In light of the recent police shooting and resulting murder of Walter Scott in North Charleston, SC, the guys are joined by author and activist Shane Claiborne to talk about racism, police brutality, prosperity vs. poverty gospel, the necessity of community, and SO MUCH MORE!  If you're only here for the low-bar humor, you can find that in the closing segment...


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As if we don't talk about sex enough as it is, we're going to spend a whole episode on it with Craig and Jeanette Gross from Best Sex Life Now and XXX Church.  They answered some of your questions and had a pretty open conversation about everything from pornography to the Green Bay Packers.



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It's finally happened, folks.  Matt Carter has defined "virginity" once and for all.  Are you PFP?  The guys also interview Scott Mellinger from the massively influential band ZAO.  He speaks very openly about the things that led him and some of the other members of ZAO away from Christianity.  Scott also drops some BOMBS in a theological debate that gets Joey all hot and bothered.



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This should be pretty self explanatory, no? Matt Toby and Joey trying to put together a string of coherent thoughts in front of a crowd after a few beers.


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Hopefully you all enjoyed your chocolate bunny in the name of Christ!  For this weeks episode the guys are joined by Jason from Silver Ring Thing.  SRT is a group that promotes purity and abstinence until marriage, so it's about to GET SEXUAL.  BadChristian talking about abstinence... you know you're intrigued.


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Have you ever wanted to hangout with a couple of hillbilly-rock bands?  Here’s your chance!  The guys sit down in a hotel room in Brisbane, Australia with every member of Emery and Norma Jean to talk about a number of unrelated things.  They cover drugs, sex, music, angry toddlers, becoming a dad, near-death experiences, and so much more.




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The guys record this episode from Australia and discuss their travels and also play a little of a BRAND NEW EMERY SONG! Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth coauthored a book called, "The Day I Met Jesus" in which they chronicle the encounters of five women with Jesus. Frank also wrote a book called "Pagan Christianity" that has been a signifigant influence on Matt and Toby. 



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Our favorite Ira Glass impersonator, DAN KOCH, joins us to answer your absolutely terrible questions. The guys talk about Warped Tour Bible study, complete with plenty of name drops and hilarious stories, and Joey is relatively quiet for this episode - so it's destined to be one of your favorites! Just kidding... we love Joey... kind of...


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Jason Petty, better known as rapper PROPAGANDA, joins the guys for an interview this week.  They talk about the state of Christian hip-hop, Kendrick Lamar's new album, but more importantly, we one-up our previous "racism episode" by ACTUALLY TALKING TO A BLACK DUDE about racism.  Also, in case you haven't heard... popular televangelist Creflo Dollar needs a new $60 million jet to keep doing the Lord's work.  Hallelujah! 


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Joey's older, skinny, more intelligent brother visits this week to talk about Florida, Jews, Pastors, and to to do some BadQuestions, WorseAnswers.


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Aaron Sprinkle the legendary producer who produced  Emery's The Question and worked on several other Emery records joins the show to share stories and laugh with Matt, Toby and Joey. He talks about feeling the need for validation in his art, and also claims to be doung the interview while in the bath tub.


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Emery's first drummer Seth hangs out this episode to talk about drinking and driving, man boobs, being a counselor and psychotherapist and to take listener questions.  


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Peter, the lead vocalist of the Norwegian metal band EXTOL talks with Matt, Toby and Joey about music, mental illness, spending time in a Norwegian mental care facility with his family and why EXTOL took an unexplained hiatus.  Peter has produced a film documenting all of this and more, available for preorder at

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Light a few candles, pour yourself a glass of wine, and enjoy this extra sexual - I mean, special... episode of The BadChristian Podcast.  The guys team up with Logan Cael to answer questions from YOU, the listeners!  In this weeks edition of "HOW TO GENERATE HATE MAIL IN 3 SHORT MINUTES" Toby explores what would happen is "50 Shades of Grey" took place in the deep south.  Matt also sits down with the guys from Least Of These to chat about the music business.


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Cory from Norma Jean joins the podcast!  The guys talk with Cory about how he came to be the frontman of Norma Jean, life on the road, struggling with depression, and a car accident that nearly took his daughter's life last month.  You don't want to miss this interview!  For more information on how you can help Sara during her recovery, please visit:


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The final episode in the BC LIVE series comes to you from Charleston, SC and Joey is still peeing blood.  The guys get rowdy in another living room with Jack Hoey, ministor of research and theology at Seacoast Church.  They also talk about an elementary school that's conducting poop inspections on their students... for real.


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Dustin Kensrue joins the podcast to talk about his new record "Carry The Fire" which comes out on April 21st.  He and the guys also talk about Thrice, the relationship between faith and art, and Dustin's time at Mars Hill Church in Seattle.  Most importantly, the guys hash out their feelings about "50 Shades of Grey."


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Enjoy some bonus content from BC Music band PACIFIC GOLD!  This is the first episode of their brand new podcast called "Sing My Welcome Home" and it features the song "A Day Is Coming" from Pacific Gold's new album.  You can pre-order this album at starting February 23rd!

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Pastor Joey is loaded on pain killers for this BC LIVE episode from Atlanta!  The guys take questions from the audience, and interview their friend Nick Pilch - a former combat-photographer in the Air Force.  He opens up about his struggles with PTSD, alcoholism, and what it was like to face 65 years in prison during a nasty military divorce in which he was accused of rape, sodomy, and abuse.

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New York Times Best-Selling author, public speaker, and founder of the Storyline Blog - Donald Miller joins the podcast! He talks about life after Blue Like Jazz, his journey to finding true intimacy, and his new book "Scary Close."


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Drummer of As Cities Burn, former Emery tour manager, victim of broken femur syndrome, and a man with such a foul-mouth that it rivals our own Toby Morrell - AARON LUNSFORD joins the podcast for an interview LIVE in Nashville, TN.  Put on your best hipster costume, ride your vintage motorcycle down to Barista Parlor, and sip on your fair-trade, organic, pour-over, $15 cup of coffee while listening to this episode.



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Ask and you shall recieve!  Singer, songwriter, drummer, and all around rad dude, Aaron Gillespie joins the podcast to talk about his new record "Grace Through The Wandering."  We also dive into the details surrounding his departure from Underoath, and we talk about his new gig playing drums for the Grammy-Award winning rock band Paramore.



Aaron Gillespie:

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Emery's drummer Dave Powell joins us to talk about the new record and his hatred of interviews.  We also answer questions from members of the audience, and we DEFINITELY, DO NOT, make fun of Joey's kidney stones. 


"The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating" by Andy Stanley

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Les and Tanner have a podcast called The Reformed Pubcast where they talk theology and beer.  Since that is a ton of fun, and stuff we like to do we thought we would have them on our show.  We discuss alcohol use and spend quite a bit of time trying to get a grip on what predestination means and if its true.




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Jason Hamacher was the drummer for the band Frodus who formed in 1993 and was part of  Tooth and Nail's early hardcore roster.  Frodus toured with The Refused witnessed their breakup first hand.  Jason is now involved with recording the oldest Christian music that exists, chanting in Syria that dates back to 190 AD.


Webinar Link: 5 Myths About Women, Sex and Porn

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Devin Shelton hangs out the entire episode and talks about quitting Emery as well as coming back for the new album.  He currently works at a church and like the BC crew has lots of thought on what is wrong and right with the way things are in Christianity. Plus, lots of fun old stories from the Emery days, college days before that, and all the way back to Matt and Devin being on the same baseball team when they were 6.

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Levi Macallister is a spoken word and performance artist, writer, speaker and storyteller. He opens up about mental illness in his family and his father's suicide.  Levi is on the speaking team at XXX Church.  Note: No dogs were harmed or kicked in the making of this episode.




Wild Earth:


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Since we have been asked 80 million times, we thought we would give a crack at discussing racism in America, Ferguson and our upbringing in the South in the 80's.  Being that we don't know much and are not well spoken, we thought we would bring in a guest who has a lot of interest in the subject.  Jake Dockter is a writer and has a blog called Theology of Ferguson.

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Joey's brother joins us to debate many issues and give some insight on to why Joey is the way he is.  We delve into some deep know, stuff like the implications of sex with robots.

Direct download: BCPOD_JARED_SVENDSEN.mp3
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Jeremy makes a great addition to the show for two reasons.  One, because he has great rapport with the guys since being on tour with them and two, because he has some really heavy and troubling stuff going on in his head and he talks very openly about it.  Marriage, addiction, anxiety, depression, fear, failure and being a pastors kid all play into what he is dealing with and writing about on the new Abandon Kansas album.

Direct download: BCPOD_JEREMY_SPRING.mp3
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Jen Smith is a female blogger and writer at who dedicates her time to encourage women to be the best wife they can be by sharing openly her personal experiences and biblical principles.  She speaks openly about her sex life and troubles she has had in her marriage. 

Direct download: BCPOD_JEN_SMITH.mp3
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After Toby did some major trash talking, and downright criticism of Derek Webb on a previous episode, the guys now have the chance to talk to him man to man on the show.  We discussed the need for and the reasons not to be open and transparent on the internet.  Needless to say, BC is not quite on the same page as Derek, but Derek's positions are well thought out and respectable.  Enjoy.


This show is brought to you by audible visit today for your free audiobook.

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Jennifer discusses being a woman, a Christian, a lesbian, and a performer.  She talks about her book and her new album as well.

Direct download: BCPOD_Jennifer_Knapp.mp3
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Mae keyboardist Rob Sweitzer walks us through quitting mae, spiraling into depression, going through a divorce, and attempting suicide. His vulnerability here is amazing. 

Rob has a new project called My God, It's Full of Stars. Please go support his crowd funding campaign right now.

Direct download: BCPOD_ROB_SWEITZER.mp3
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Matt and Toby recently sat down at the MetalSucks podcast studio and had an unformatted convo in which they discussed weather or not Christian Metal is legit, or just a gimmick to make money, and also if God is real or just a gimmick to control people and spread hate.  Please go listen to the first half of the convo on their podcast before this episode as it will make more sense.  This episode is the second half of the convo. 

Direct download: BCPOD_METAL_SUCKS.mp3
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On this episode rapper Tedashii joins the guys. This conversation is no holds barred. So get ready to laugh, cry, and ask yourself is Snoop Dog's style silky. This episode is brought to you by

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Jake comes on the show to hang out and tell some tour stories, talk about heavy music, explain what Heart Support is and he also gets mad when talking about church.

Check out our new book, The M Word, for free

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Teresa is one of the women who wrote an autobiographical chapter in our new ebook, The M Word.  She tells her story and gives insight  to issues of sexuality that many women face. 

Direct download: BCPOD_The_M_Word.mp3
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The day Lacey Sturm planned to kill herself was the day her grandmother forced her to go to church, a place Lacey thought was filled with hypocrites, fakers, and simpletons. Lacey joins the show to talk about her book, The Reason and add a much needed female perspective.

Direct download: BCPOD_LACEY_STURM.mp3
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Brandon and Joey Talk about all the old Tooth and Nail bands that Toby and Matt have never heard of, Brandon recounts wanting to sign Emery only after they lost weight and bought some decent clothes, and Toby and Matt explain why they foolishly turned down a giant amount of money from Brandon only to re-sign later for a much smaller deal.

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JT Woodruff is the singer and songwriter for Hawthorne Heights.  He is good friends with Matt and Toby and comes on the show to talk about screamo, the tragic loss of their bandmate Casey Calvert and how Steven Christian from Anberlin gets so mad when he loses at basketball that he throws his shoes at the wall.

Direct download: JT_Woodruff_BCPOD.mp3
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Mike joins the show to talk tour stories, pranks, drinking to loosen up before shows and touring with Satanic bands. 

Direct download: BCPOD_MIKE_TDWP.mp3
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Dan from Jars of Clay comes on to discuss the controversy about his comments on gay marriage. Toby explains that his wife has breast cancer. Matt helps us understand the ambiguity of reality itself, and Joey continues to be a fat pastor.  Also, news with Toby.

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Pastor Rick Bezet is the pastor of New Life Church, which  was ranked the fastest growing church in the America.  We get the chance to ask him about the potential failures of the mega church system and about smoking weed and playing golf as well as his new book, Be Real.

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Tyler Polumbus is an offensive lineman for the Washington Redskins and a BadChristian and Emery fan.  He answers questions about being in the NFL and the ramble on and interrupt each other as usual. 

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This is the 4th and final live podcast from our 1st run of living room dates.  We will be doing more in the future because they are fun.  Sacramento was the rowdiest party crowd of the tour.  It was a blast and they had some good questions as well. 

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Craig comes on to hang out and talk about the girls and guys he is friends with in the porn indusrty,  why he hates Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, and his new book,  Go Small.  Visit

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This is the 3rd of 4 live episodes from our recent living room podcast tour.  Chico was the smallest show of the bunch but was still a ton of fun. 

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Lecrae stops by to talk about his new album Anomaly and what it is like to hang out with real world hip hop artists that many Christians say he should stay away from. Lecrae talks about some personal stuff that he is just now revealing on this album, and why its the responsibility of parents, not artists, what kids are exposed to.

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Logan Cael hangs out and Matt & Toby perform a song live in a small living room in SE Portland, Oregon.

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Tyler Francke from calls in to help the guys sort through some thoughts and arguments about the topic of evolution. This episode features a lot of discussion about science and its purpose, as well as some talk of the other big issue that matters, Brett Favre's wiener.  

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This is the first in a series of live episodes. The guys do the full show plus some music in a living room.  This was recorded on 8-26 in Seattle and features live music from BC Music artists, Vocal Few and Kings Kaleidoscope. 

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Herb Silverman is an atheist author and college professor. He joins the podcast to have a lively discussion about how all not atheist are out to destroy our children and  ruin democracy.

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Frontman Chad Gardner hangs out for the entire episode on which we premiere the first single from their new LP. Chad opens up about the pain and struggles that have accompanied him personally through the making of their new album. In the past year, Chad resigned from his job at a church, lost a close family member, and he and his wife lost their first child in the womb.

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Michael Gungor comes on the show to talk about all of the controversy and the evangelical firestorm he has recently found himself in.  Comments he made about not believing in a strict literal interpretation of Genesis has left him with canceled gigs, lost fans, and accusations that he is a "child of Hell"

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Tommy opens up about his experiences with adultery, suicide, having a kid as a teenager and much more.  He is one of the easiest least guarded people to ever talk to. His honesty is truly refreshing. Tommy loves Jesus and has a great perspective and story to share.

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